Top 10 Predictions for 2010

Top 10 Predictions for 2010

As I reflect on my past 6 months at Platform, I thought I would take the risk and let history be the judge. Here goes:

1. Cloud startups consolidate almost as quickly as banks in 2010
2. The Open Cloud Manifesto never gets ratified by the market
3. Customers use private cloud as a leverage point to architect for management control and vendor choice
4. Cloud OS is elusive. Vendor camps emerge and vendor wars escalate.
5. Cloud polarizes the market. Go big or go small become service provider and vendor mantras.
6. A major VM player merges with a major DCA player.
7. Consolidation, consolidation, consolidation is the driving force for customers as they move to cloud computing.
8. Public clouds reduce corporate IT jobs and spend. CIOs lead the charge. Private clouds become THE strategic decision for enterprise IT.
9. Technical, Web2.0, Corporate, Test/Dev and BI clouds emerge and develop independently within the enterprise.
10. Clusters, Grids, Clouds, Whatever. Marketers waste 50% of their time equally on defining or redefining the next evolution of distributed, no I mean utility, no I mean commodity, no I mean elastic computing…….

OK so most of these were no-brainers (not all though). I’ll try to pin myself down further, but only when pushed.


James said...

Care to speculate on number 6?

Ten is my favorite. The amount of money being spent on ill-conceived efforts to "name and claim" slices of the evolutionary path is astounding.

Zer0 said...

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Aiko said...

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Amadea said...

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