The Private Cloud - Beyond Virtualization Webcast

I’ve spoken to several of our Platform customers and prospects that are either planning on building a private cloud or are in the early deployment phases and noticed that certain questions and concerns repeatedly come up about the role of virtualization in private clouds. The questions that come up most frequently include thing such as:”Is virtualization necessary for the cloud? How can I integrate my physical and virtual machines in the cloud? Can I deploy a cloud using just virtualization?”

As a result of my customer conversations, we’ve put together a webinar to discuss these issues. We’ve gathered William Fellows, Principal Analyst with The 451 Group and Cheryl Doninger, R&D Director at SAS Institute, for a panel discussion titled “The Private Cloud – Beyond Virtualization” to address these questions and concerns. William will provide an analyst perspective on the key elements and methodologies that need to be considered when deploying private clouds and Cheryl will discuss the SAS Institute’s implementation of a private cloud and how Platform ISF helps SAS’ R&D department to bring new products to market faster and more cost effectively.

Please join me on Wednesday, December 16 at 11:00 a.m. Eastern for an in-depth look at why virtualization is just the first step in deploying a private cloud, what the specific deployment stages are and how organizations can benefit from the increased efficiency and reduced costs of private clouds.

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