Wag the Dog: Private Clouds are Key to Regaining Supply Chain Control

We’ve been talking a lot about control issues here at Platform. Not in the Janet Jackson, Type-A sense of the word, but rather as it relates to private cloud computing and who’s in control of IT resources at most organizations. The most common association as it relates to cloud is the perceived delegation of control to business users. I say "perceived" because with private clouds IT will still own the service catalog to ensure compliance, budget adherence, etc. Digging a bit deeper, however, you find the Fortune 500 using private clouds in an entirely different control angle: vendor leverage.

Now, as a vendor providing a private cloud solution, you might find this a bit odd for us to talk about vendor leverage, perhaps even blasphemous. My perspective is coming not as an observer of the cloud vendor war going on in the industry right now, however, but rather from speaking with our customers and prospects that are tired of the big-vendor lock-in that they have inherited from architectures of years gone by, and see a private cloud as an opportunity to shift some things around and get the ball back in their court.

Interested? I recently wrote a piece for SandHill.com on the topic-
Wag the Dog: Private Clouds are Key to Regaining Supply Chain Control. Take a look and let me know what you think.