Platform customer featured on ZDNet’s Briefings Direct with Dana Gardner

A few weeks ago we posted a blog entry about Platform customer Dr. Marcos Athanasoulis’ participation in a panel discussion on cloud computing at The Open Group’s Architecture Practitioner’s Conference in Boston.

Panel moderator, blogger and independent analyst, Dana Gardner has now posted a podcast of the panel online at his ZDNet blog, “Briefings Direct,” titled “Harvard Medical School use of cloud computing provides harbinger for new IT business value, Open Group panel finds.”

As the title implies, Harvard Medical School (HMS), Athanasoulis and their private cloud were featured prominently in the podcast. Institutions like HMS are paving the way for how private clouds should ideally be implemented within organizations.

As Gardner points out, HMS is a harbinger for the new model of IT use that is the promise of cloud computing. HMS is unique because their cloud requires user participation to actually function. Due to internal policy at the school, the researchers that Athanasoulis works with are not required to use the IT services provided by the school’s IT department. In effect, they’re allowed to “grow their own” IT—so the fact that researchers who are used to doing their own thing are adopting the private cloud that Athanasoulis and his department have implemented (which uses Platform’s LSF and ISF products) is really a testament to the service model that private clouds can offer within organizations.

I won’t spoil the content by giving away too much of it here because I’d really suggest you listen to the panel of cloud experts featured at the conference, but Athanasoulis also offers some great advice for those considering private cloud implementations that he calls the Four P’s:

  • Pilot – Begin small within the organization, using pilot groups to kick-start your private cloud
  • Participation – Get buy-in from everyone you need it from to succeed
  • Produce - Get results from what you’ve implemented. If you don’t, it won’t succeed.
  • Promotion - Promote the service. Be an advocate and evangelist for it.

You can listen to the podcast here.


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