Cloud Use Case Series, Part 3: Test/Dev Cloud

The third installment of my four-part cloud use case blog series is the test and development cloud. This type of private cloud deployment provides a self-service test and development infrastructure where resources are provisioned automatically and within minutes according to project timelines for test/dev teams within an organization. This results in better utilization of existing servers, lower costs, increased developer productivity, and a proving ground for a production application cloud.

A classic example of a test/dev cloud is a leading global financial services firm that has multiple software development groups distributed across the world. The bank’s main challenges stemmed from regional groups building siloed “build and development” environments that each manage 30 or more applications. This caused slow software build processes and wasted configuration time required to set-up application environments, as well as duplication of effort across teams.

Thanks to Platform ISF, the bank was able to consolidate their application development environments into a shared cloud solution, which dynamically creates complete application environments for development teams according to self-service requests and resource reservations according to project schedules. This has enabled a shared environment for application development across global teams, using fewer resources at lower cost, while increasing developer productivity.

Stay tuned for part 4 in my cloud use case series – HPC cloud - next week!


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