Will the CIO allow the frog to be boiled?

What do you get when you combine a grass roots solution portfolio and adoption strategy with enterprise pricing schemes? Answer: A very attractive short-term value proposition that is sure to put many customers on the path to vCloud.

What’s the problem? Cost and vendor lock-in.

Cloud computing is the third major wave in the history of distributed computing and offers the promise of open systems enabling customer leverage through commodity IT components. However, incumbent vendors are fighting desperately to create integrated proprietary stacks that protect their core products and licensing models.

This battle for leverage between big vendors and customers comes down to a basic architectural decision: Does the CIO and senior architect team have an open systems vision for private cloud that they are willing to pursue in-spite of bundled offerings from vendors?

Platform Computing is betting that a large portion of the market will architect their private cloud platforms with heterogeneity and commodity as key principals.

Anyone who doubts that the frog is getting warm or that the intent for customer lock-in is real needs only to read Microsoft’s ad decrying vendor lock-in.


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