Introducing Platform HPC, the most complete cluster solution available

The past few weeks have been really busy here at Platform leading up to today, but I’m proud to say that we have just released the latest product in our flagship HPC product family, Platform HPC. As the most complete cluster software solution currently on the market, Platform HPC makes cluster management and workload scheduling easy for users who are not experts in clusters, but need HPC clusters to help improve their application performance. One main goal with Platform HPC is to allow technical application users across a variety of vertical markets—from engineering and scientific research to oil and gas and digital media—to spend their time and energy concentrating on their research and designs rather than setting up and managing their computing environments. Until now, clusters have been a daunting prospect for most workstation and technical application users. While engineers, scientists and graphic artists may all be expert users of the apps they work with on a daily basis, most may not be IT experts—and within most organizations, cluster building has been left to the IT department because clusters can be challenging to set up. To address this, we specifically designed Platform HPC with technical app users in mind so that both experienced or novice HPC users can quickly and easily deploy, run and manage their own clusters and still meet the application performance and workload management demands they require.

Another primary goal of Platform HPC is to make is easier for user to use their cluster from their application. Based on our Platform LSF workload scheduler, Platform HPC’s interface is accessible through a web portal interface that is integrated through application templates with some leading technical applications already on the market. We’re supporting apps by Abaqus, ANSYS, Blast, Fluent, LS-DYNA, MSC Natran and Schlumberger among others, with plans to add more in the next few months. Platform HPC uses a single installer and is pre-certified by leading hardware and software vendors and available through our certified channel partners. The new product also allows multiple apps to run on the cluster regardless of OS—it supports both Linux and Windows environments. Talk about maximizing your existing infrastructure and compute resources! We also fully support the product and provide one point of contact for support, despite the product being sold through the channel - just another way to make clusters easier and more approachable for users who aren’t cluster experts!

Platform support for GPU Environments

In addition to our Platform HPC product launch, we’re also pleased to announce our continued support for GPU-aware application workload scheduling and monitoring. Both Platform LSF and Platform HPC now incorporate GPU-aware scheduling features for better and more efficient workload management in GPU environments. For more on our support of GPUs, see today’s release.

Finally, we’ll be at Supercomputing ’10 (SC’10) in New Orleans next week, so please stop by the Platform booth (#2739) if you’d be interested in a demo. And stay tuned for more exciting Platform product news at SC’10, as well!


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