HPC from A-Z (part 2) - B

This is our second post in the HPC ABC series. Last week we mused upon the different industries beginning with the letter A that could benefit from HPC. The idea of this series is to help realize the potential HPC has to solve problems or enhance development and design for a number of industries. Predictably enough, we’re focusing on the letter B in this post.

Biology - One of our customers, The Sanger Institute, is a genome research institute that is primarily funded by the Wellcome Trust. It has participated in some of the most important advances in genomic research; developing new understanding of genomes and their role in biology. That type of research requires a great deal of computational power so scientists can perform large scale analysis, such as quickly comparing similar genomic structures.

For more information on how Sanger benefits from an HPC environment please have a look at our video.

HPC is helping biology researchers find out what we are made of. Next week we’ll look at how HPC is helping companies develop and design better consumer products.


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