HPC from A-Z (part 3) - C

Consumer Products — In the world of Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) the need to deliver high quality products fast and in huge volumes – often for global distribution – means the strategic and logistical challenges are endless. Meanwhile, in an ever-restrictive economic climate, manufacturers of consumer products also need to maintain a delicate balance of reducing costs while maintaining their competitive edge and innovating.

As we’ve seen with many industries facing complex day-to-day challenges, the IT department can help eliminate some of the pain. High Performance Computing is now widely used by consumer manufacturers to reduce costs, drive major improvements in products, increase production efficiency and speed to market, as well as better meet changing customer needs.

Whether it’s for toiletries, electronics, confectionary or household goods, I have no doubt that the application of HPC technology across multiple layers of consumer product manufacturing will only continue to become more ingenious.


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