HPC from A-Z (part 6) - F

F is for financial services…

Every day financial traders work at the speed of light to deal in a wide variety of investment banking products. To stay ahead of the game, they rely heavily on large numbers of complex and compute-intensive data risk analysis and commodity pricing calculations. Without these, it would simply be impossible to turn a profit!

As the last few years take their toll on the industry, competitive pressure has rocketing up the Richter scale. Banks now need to provide results faster than ever. However, they face a rapidly rising volume of information as well as industry regulations which place extraordinary demand on existing computing resources.

Banks like Svenska Handelsbaken, Société Générale and Citigroup have turned to Platform Symphony to help make light work of heavy numbers, securing their positions as leaders in the industry.

With statistics such as computer hardware utilization increasing by as much as 60% as a result of implementation, it’s no surprise that grid technologies are at the heart of the financial world.


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