HPC from A-Z (part 7) - G

G is for Gambling.

Whether you like to place the occasional bet or not, most of us would agree that online gambling and gaming is a big money industry. Not only can we now wager our money on more events than ever before (from the result of the Super Bowl or the elections to whether it will snow on Christmas Day), but the age of the internet is also fuelling an increasing demand for “live-in play” and virtual games like online poker.

As you can imagine, managing the real-time odds and the artificial intelligence required to support virtual gambling environments requires some serious computing power, not to mention the resources required to calculate all those odds. Firms like Sporting Index rely on HPC to give them the edge over competitors, letting them plan hundreds of moves ahead and crunch vast amounts of data to generate odds for all manner of wagers.

Think all that would be possible without HPC? Don’t bet on it.


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