Platform HPC Interface Gets a Makeover

Every once in a while, it’s nice to have a refresh. Sometimes a new haircut or a new tech toy can do wonders to give ourselves a boost. The same goes for software—while upgrades or small version improvements may happen frequently throughout a product’s lifecycle, products don’t always get the refresh they deserve when it comes to their interface.

Today, Platform HPC got a refresh with our announcement of Platform HPC 3. Platform HPC is our complete HPC management product, which is geared toward making cluster use and management easy for users and administrators. In this latest version, we’ve completely redesigned the interface to make cluster deployment, management, monitoring and use even more intuitive. The interface now includes a provisioning wizard, as well as an enhanced view across the entire HPC environment. Now users can easily see every part of their cluster ecosystem to help make sure everything is running smoothly at all times.

In addition to the new interface, Platform HPC 3 also includes new features for managing heterogeneous cluster environments. Users can monitor GPUs, get enhanced alerts and provisioning status updates, and integrate with third-party management software packages. The product also features automated failover capabilities for workload and cluster management tools, as well as for reporting and monitoring tools, with automatic recovery when primary nodes come back up.

Platform HPC also includes the tools to integrate with a number of the most widely used HPC applications on the market, and supports a diverse set of applications across a variety of industries including manufacturing, oil and gas, energy, life sciences, media/digital content creation, higher education and research and government. For a list of technical apps we support, please see our product page.

Here are the before and after shots of our new interface—we hope you like the new version!


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