HPC from A-Z (part 20) - T

T is for transactional processing, time travel and tea

When it comes to “T” I can think of a few great examples of HPC use, or potential use, ranging from the very practical, to science fiction, and then back down the earth.

The very practical example is transactional processing. It can be a complicated process, but HPC can really simplify it. Consider, for example, the computing processes involved when moving a pot of money from one account to another. HPC can be used to automate this activity by processing transactions in parallel , speeding up the time it takes for money to travel from one account to another.

If HPC can help speed up machine processes, perhaps one day it can help us travel beyond the speed of light, possibility into the future or back into the past. HPC could model the perfect time travelling machine, which is optimized to travel at fast speeds across the cosmos.

Closer to home, HPC could also help create the perfect cup of tea. Calculations could be performed to discover the perfect tea leaf-to-water-and-milk ratio. Bad cups of tea could become a thing of the past!


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