Congratulations to Rick Parker – a Platform Customer, Partner and SuperNova Semifinalist!

Over the past year, I’ve had the pleasure of working closely with someone I regard as a true visionary when it comes to IT management and unlocking the power of private cloud computing. I am referring to Rick Parker who, until recently, has been the IT Director at Fetch Technologies, a longtime customer of Platform Computing, which leverages Platform ISF for their private cloud management. Now I am proud to now call Rick by a new name: Protostar! From a pool of more than 70 applicants, Rick was recognized in Constellation Research’s SuperNova Awards among an elite group of semifinalists that have overcome the odds in successfully applying cloud computing technologies within their organizations.

Most award programs recognize technology suppliers for advancements in the market.  Few programs recognize individuals for their courage in battling the odds to affect change in their organizations.  The Constellation SuperNova Awards celebrate the explorers and pioneers who successfully put new technologies to work and the leaders that have created disruptions in their market. Rick fits the bill perfectly, and an all-star cast of judges (including Larry Dignan at ZDNET and Frank Scavo at Constellation - to name a couple) have agreed. The award recognized applicants who embody the human spirit to innovate, overcome adversity, and successfully deliver market changing approaches.  

Here is an excerpt from the award nomination to give you a peek into Rick’s story of implementing cloud computing at Fetch (with a little help from Platform Computing solutions!).
Since joining Fetch, Rick has successfully implemented a dynamic, nearly completely virtualized data center leveraging private clouds and Platform Computing’s ISF cloud management solution. Rick’s journey originally began with a simple idea: to build the perfect data center that moved IT away from the business of server management and toward true data center management. As part of this vision, Rick founded Bedouin Networks to create one of the first, if not the first, public cloud services in 2006 and deliver radically improved cost effectiveness and reliability in data center design.
In 2007, Rick carried his passion for disruptive data centers with him when he joined Fetch Technologies. Fetch Technologies is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) provider that enables organizations to extract, aggregate and use real-time information from websites and, as such, depends on its ability to maximize data center resources, efficiently and effectively. At any given moment, Rick and his IT team can get a call to provision more compute resources for Fetch’s fast-growing customer base. Before using Platform ISF, Fetch provisioned resources manually to increase SaaS capacity, which usually took several hours of personnel time per server. The cost effectiveness of Rick’s innovative design not only made Fetch’s products and services more profitable, it made them possible. The expenditure that would have been required for the hundreds of physical servers, networking, and data center costs to enable the additional capacity required could have exceeded the potential revenue.

A Protostar
Rick has been a vital asset to the Fetch team and an incredible partner to the Platform Computing team over the years. We congratulate him on this latest recognition and wish him the best of luck in his newest adventure – in search of more disruption – in his new position as Cloud Architect at Activision. We look forward to working with Rick on his next private cloud adventure. Congratulations, Protostar!


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