It’s all about CHOICE

Everyone in the tech industry has an opinion about cloud computing these days. More often than not, those opinions come not from the IT people in the trenches who are looking at implementing private clouds, but from industry pundits or vendors that are trying to tell them what they want.

That’s why it was refreshing to see Steven Burke’s article this week where he interviewed actual IT people attending EMC World in Boston about what they are looking for when it comes to private clouds.

In a word, they want CHOICE.

Both IT execs interviewed in the article made it clear that what they need from cloud providers is to be able to offer their users a service—and they’re determined not to be tied to one provider for those services. What they want is a solution that will perform with what they already have and make what they have perform better. As one exec said, “I am not worried about what the chassis is or what the processors are.”

What else do they need? To prove ROI. If they’re choosing your service, you’re going to need to prove that you can deliver—or they may look elsewhere. Again, choice.

They also understand that moving to a service model for IT is going to take time—they know that building a private cloud and transitioning users to a service model is going to take years and what they need won’t come in a box or a plug-and-play solution. As we’re fond of saying around here, “Clouds are built, not bought.”

IT is not going to be in the hands of vendors forever... what choices will you provide your users?


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