Type of analytics

In previous blog, I spoke about running Analytics on a grid comprised of commodity hardware. In this blog I will discuss the different types of analytics and where it is used. Predictive analytics is used in actuarial science, financial services, insurance, telecommunications, retail, travel, healthcare, pharmaceuticals and other fields. Sales analytics is the process of determining how successful a company's sales forecast is and how best to predict future sales. In Financial Services, Credit Scoring analytics is used to determine future risk payments. Financial service firms also do rigorous Risk & Credit analysis which is required by industry regulation and provides insight into the exposure of firms to different types of risk. There are other types of analytics: Marketing analytics, Collections analytics, Fraud analytics, pricing analytics, Supply Chain analytics, Telecommunications, Transportation analytics.

Platform Symphony is the leading grid management middleware solution that can be used to accelerate advanced analytics and/or “do more with less”. In next blog, we’ll discuss how Platform Symphony can be used to reduce the runtime of the analytics or do more analysis with the same hardware.


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