Overheard at SC’10…

It was a busy but exciting week for me last week in New Orleans during Supercomputing 2010 (SC’10). I’m really pleased to report that our complete cluster management solution, Platform HPC, which was announced one week prior to the conference, resonated very well with many of the show attendees I talked to.

As our VP of Product Management and Marketing Ken Hertzler noted in his blog announcing the product release a couple of weeks ago, Platform HPC was designed to make cluster building an easier, less painful process for people who need clusters, but may not be cluster experts. It’s a complete solution that boasts built-in workload management, application integration, and leading MPI, each of which give Platform HPC a leg up on our competition. In addition to the completeness, ease of use and commercial support are other two aspects that set Platform HPC apart. In packaging this product, we found that support was a huge differentiator with our channel IHV and ISV partners—they told us they always have happier customers when they can sell a complete cluster management solution where commercial support is delivered together with their hardware or applications. They spoke, so we listened!

So you can imagine how pleased we were to also be listening in on some of the comments overheard in our booth at SC’10 last week…

“I thought the best thing about your tool was the completely integrated solution stack it provides. This provides a strong competitive advantage over other advanced scheduling/provisioning/and monitoring tools in that you are able to offer an entire solution stack and have control over it to meet customers’ needs. I don't think Adaptive Computing has this, as Moab requires plugins to xCAT, CMU, or ROCKS.”


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