Financial Services Market Going Strong & Platform Symphony 5.1 Launched

I am happy to report that over the last two quarters, Platform has won several significant multi-million dollar deals in both the capital markets and insurance sectors, and expanded its portfolio of Fortune 500 customers. These landmark sales indicate growing demand for Platform’s products including our cloud management technology, Platform ISF, and Platform’s Symphony, which we are announcing our latest version of today. In fact, Platform now counts many of Wall Street’s largest banks and trading firms among its flagship customers, including 12 of the Bloomberg 20. We also had two significant customer wins in Bloomberg’s top 10 listing in the past fiscal year, which means Platform can now count the majority (six) of the top 10 banks & financial institutions among its customer base!

Today’s release of Platform Symphony 5.1 comes at an important time marked by increased economic and regulatory challenges that are driving organizations to reevaluate their approaches to risk management and compliance. Products and portfolios in both the financial services and enterprise sectors, as well as the sheer amount of complex data organizations need to process has today created a demand for powerful, flexible systems that provide accurate, real-time, counter-party risk assessments. Symphony is an enterprise-class solution that improves efficiency for these distributed service oriented architecture (SOA) applications, enabling a variety of business and financial risk applications, including real-time pricing, value-at-risk and Monte Carlo simulations—all at a lower cost. Platform Symphony also provides distributed computing workload solutions for analytics processing, such as Complex Event Processing (CEP), Extract Transform and Load (ETL) and Business Intelligence.

Platform Symphony 5.1, now with easier application onboarding, GPU support and increased scalability, will be generally available at the end of this month. To read more about its updated features and Platform’s strong showing in FS sales, please check out our press room for the official announcement.


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