Making Cluster Administration Easier

The last thing busy HPC administrators and IT managers need is to spend their time developing complex scripts for extracting and analyzing massive volumes of workload and system data needed to ensure that workload is being distributed efficiently and that SLAs are being met. To help ease that burden, Platform announced the latest versions of Platform RTM and Platform Analytics today. Designed to work with Platform LSF, these tools provide IT managers and HPC administrators the information they need for better decision making, which results in more effective operation of their HPC datacenter.

Platform RTM 8 is a comprehensive operational dashboard that provides real-time workload monitoring, reporting and management for one or multiple HPC clusters. It helps cluster administrators be more efficient in their day-to-day activities by providing the information and tools needed to improve cluster efficiency, enable better user productivity, and contain or reduce costs. A flexible alerting facility quickly notifies administrators and managers of any issues so that they can take proactive action. Unlike competing tools that only monitor the infrastructure, Platform RTM is both workload and resource-aware, providing full visibility to Platform LSF clusters. With its broad set of capabilities, Platform RTM can replace multiple tools in typical Platform LSF environments, resulting in improved productivity as well as reduced cost and complexity.

Platform Analytics 8 covers the other end of the spectrum by providing a historical perspective of the datacenter. The tool includes a high performing analytical engine and a robust, easy to use interface, which makes is easier to identify and quickly removing bottlenecks, spot emerging trends and plan capacity more effectively. Built on top of a high performing analytics engine, Platform Analytics has an easy to use interface and correlates multiple types of data for improved decision making. The tool is fully functional “out of the box” and includes several interactive dashboards, making it quick and easy to analyze key HPC data. This is definitely an advantage over other HPC analytics products, which require you to build complex analytics models from scratch, often with several intermediate steps.

Many of Platform’s customers have been using these tools to help get peak utilization from their HPC datacenters, including Cadence Design Systems, Red Bull Racing and Simulia, Dassault Systemes. For more on today’s releases and the new features in Platform RTM 8 and Platform Analytics 8, please see today’s press release.


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