HPC from A-Z (part 12) - L

L = Love and Linear Regression

This blog post will focus on the letter L, and potential ways HPC can help solve two issues, which begin with L. The first is technical, the second is rather more hypothetical.

Linear regression assesses the relationship between two different variables, to find a correlation. This method, which is popular among scientists, can sometimes be a lengthy process. However, HPC can help speed up this process by automating it, which means that researchers can identify correlations much quicker.

Imagine if we could use an HPC environment to model the brain to see what happens when we fall in love? Imagine if we could pin point what happens in our brains when we feel those first flutters and see how it affects our perception and sense of happiness? Or perhaps there’s a use for HPC in helping dating agencies find the perfect match for their customers? Do you think a HPC environment could solve a cosmic love equation?


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